Our Cremation

Every pet’s life has meaning to you, your family and friends. We believe it is important to ensure that the cremation process is dignified, secure and caring. That’s why we have established our Cremation Safeguards for your peace of mind.

Your Companion Never Leaves Our Care

Many other providers do not own and operate a facility. This makes it impossible to manage and supervise the entire process. All services are handled and managed by our certified staff, giving you peace of mind when we are caring for your pet.

Safeguarding Identity

To ensure security, an identification tag is placed with your pet. This follows them throughout the process.


Your pet is in our hands from start to finish. We track each companion as they move from one stage to another. Each pet is tracked using information about the arrival at our facility and name of staff member assigned to assist in the process.

Saying Goodbye

We will offer options for you to say goodbye to your pet in our facility. This time is healthy and helps give you comfort as you say goodbye.


Our certified crematory operator will review all cremation paperwork. Once all documentation is verified, our certified operator will proceed with the cremation.

Keepsakes and Mementos

We offer a wide range of choices for creating a keepsake memento. Ask one of our caring staff for more information.

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